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I Want A New Job! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 21, 2013


I Need A New Job!

Here I Am! Here I Am! Do you see me?

When 3 and 8 come together, one of the easiest things to recognize in this combo is the person who wishes to go back to work, or wants a new profession. And it can be as easy as the person who only wishes to turn their hobby into a fun job that makes a little income on the side.

The ability to network is strong and if friends, or people who could be instrumental in helping you are involved, all the better. It says, "Update your resume and get it out there" or go to coffee with put the suggestion in others' ears. 

Communicate to your friends, the Universe, Social Networks, and others, what you wish to achieve. Set the intention. There's nothing like networking to get the ball rolling. 
And if you love your work, today is a good day to network with colleagues, suppliers, or whomever can advance your goals. Advertise!