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I've Had It - Your Numerology Vibrations for August 27, 2013


This day could go a number of ways, but the first thing that jumps out at me - Humanitarianism & Compassion. That's never a bad thing to those around us and to ourselves.

The second thing - "I've Had It." And with the planets aligned as they are up in the Heavens, we're ready to throw in the towel on......everything! 

9 says, "It's the end of a chapter."

5 says, "Let's get a move-on. It's time for change."

If there is anything in your life that you're feeling you'd like to end (and that can be from relationships to a habit), you're really going to feel it today. Perhaps you know that it's what is best for you and others around you (i.e. ending a job, relationship, living situation, a move to a new city, etc.). And if that's the case, this may be the energy that says, "Ok, it's time." 5 will require that you put action behind that decision. 

If it's something that has only popped into your head in the past few days, perhaps you may wish to wait a bit and think it through. We rarely make fantastic personal decisions in a heartbeat. Draw on the compassionate energy of the 5 and direct it toward yourself. 

Give yourself a break today unless it's what you know you really want.