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Jupiter Meets Earth - Your Numerology Vibrations for August 7, 2013


The number of solitude meets the social coordinator. 

If your numerical blueprint leans towards the 7, you're not really into the social buzz or busy-ness that may at times surround you today. It's "too much". It may feel at times, "over the top" and can we please come down to Earth?

If your numerical blueprint leans more towards the 3, you're probably wondering how to get this show on the road! How can we get a move on? It's a little like Jupiter meeting Earth and trying to find a common ground for the day.

Today, take the energy that is offered you and use it to your advantage. Communication is running high, so if there are conversations that you need to participate in, make a lunch or dinner date and take care of it. Perhaps go to a coffee shop and take care of it there. 

Get errands done as soon as possible and then retreat to your home for some quiet time, engaging in projects that you enjoy. If you have a creative nature, line up some time for those projects today. Just know that the mind will be running on high today and wanting to analyze the world's problems. 

It's an odd combo out there today - use each moment to your advantage. Remember, thought creates reality so think wisely.