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No More Waiting! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 19, 2013


Another day of opposites, but it can be put to a good task. 

It's a good day to "take the bull by the horns" so to speak and stand up for your family/community. If there are decisions to be made for your family, do it today. The fact that it's Monday doesn't hurt. (Sometimes these vibrations land on a Sunday when many businesses/professions are closed and we are forced to wait). 

There is no waiting today unless a company is purposely closed today.

If something has to be taken care of for your family or you, do it or at least start it - with action. 1 (one) doesn't sit about thinking about it; it does.

If there is a major decision to be made, choose the decisions that gives you the most nurturing and care. In other words, think of your highest and best good when you make it. 

Very simple this morning - get it accomplished with your best interest in mind.