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Sharing - Your Numerology Vibration for August 4, 2013


4 and 9 - the combo that reminds me of children bringing home lost, stray animals and one of the parents looking horrified, announcing, "NOOOOOOO!"

4 loves the home. Their home is their castle and because of other 4 attributes, they typically know how they want their home to operate. 9, on the other hand, is a humanitarian number that doesn't mind who or what is running through the household, just come on in! (These are the epitome description of those numbers and not absolutes).

So we could be bouncing a bit back and forth when it comes to the act of sharing today. 

Give, give, well.....maybe not so much. 
No, this should be taken care of...perhaps someone else is more suited to help.
Let me look at the budget....the heck with the budget. 

I think we can stop for a few moments and look at the overall picture. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, but a combo of melding the two together. Sharing has never been a negative attribute.