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Starting a Family? Your Numerology Vibrations for August 1, 2013


August is going to be a combination of challenging vibrations. But the key will be to find the underlying compatible vibrations that we can utilize in a positive manner.

We start off the new month with a 1/6 combo with 1 being independent, with leadership qualities. 6 is a follower and far slower than the 1 vibration. The two joined together could be a good combination for the person who wishes to accomplish those things of a domestic nature.

It brings more confidence to the vibration that says, "I don't know exactly what to do or where to start."

If we have projects around the home that we wish to accomplish or dealings with our family that need to get underway, 1 says, "Ok, let's sit down and get this done."

Today, what family projects or discussion need to be taken care of? Harness the independence of the 1 and take care of them.

If you're looking to be a part of a family or start a family, this is a vibration that will lend focus to it.