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Unethical? Delete It! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 15, 2013


When I see 6/2 - the first thing I think of is the song "Love Is In The Air" and that's exactly what I was going to write about this morning. I changed my mind.

It is about love, but it can be about love of family and community as well. It can be about taking care of each other

And if we have love for family and community, we must sometimes also look at the ethics in our personal and business life. 

One of the best things I did for my blog, was to check the box that allows me to moderate all responses - not because I wanted to see only positive responses, but to get rid of the unethical advertisements. 

This morning was no different. They are messages out of a foreign country telling me what a nice blog I have and then it breaks into a commercial for themselves. The commercial would tell my readers that they must be very careful when choosing a wedding date because it they didn't, it could lead to divorce or most likely, death. This could be a death of a spouse, death of your unborn children, etc., etc. At best, you may still have children, but they might be deformed. So for a tidy sum of money, contact blah-blah at this link and get a Wedding Date Numerology Reading to avoid death and destruction of your family and children. 

Wow!! Not on my blog.....for the sake of ethics, these postings are deleted as quickly as they come in. And this is my message to others today:

If you ever sit down with a Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Psychic, etc., who attempts to control you with messages of personal peril and destruction and ESPECIALLY, if they offer to help remove this from your life by signing up for additional readings or "by only donating an additional $200 a week," immediately get up from that setting and walk out. Don't worry about what you initially paid them. Just get out. These people are unethical. 

I have an Astrologer who continually attempts to contact me with a "loving warning because I believe in telling the truth and not hold back on messages" - your brother's wife is trying to destroy your life. Destroy is a strong word, don't you think? And by the way, my brother died at 13. (I know for a fact, he was not married). Unethical. I don't respond to those messages. They are deleted immediately.

I've had students who went on to run unethical practices. "If I can make you afraid, I can control your pocketbook." Unethical. 

So sometimes 6/2 can also bring about a different type of love. Look out for yourself and your customers (no matter your business) as you would your own children.