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You Take The High Road...Your Numerology Vibrations for August 8, 2013


This combination is the first day we haven't had challenging aspects to each other for a week. And today, the 4 Life Path number isn't just any 4 - it's a 22, so we're not going to break it down to the number 4. This gives a whole new twist to the vibrations.

8 is not only business, but in this case, may be big business: governmental, judicial, and corporations. 

Deep down, 22 is also a business number. And it's also the Master Teacher.

Lessons of the most high meet big business. It could be an interesting day and not always on the negative side. It will depend on the players involved. 

We all have the opportunity to take the high road or the low road. It'll be up to us. And the interesting part is high/low road depends upon that company or individual's relationship with the Universe and the path they were designed to take

We as onlookers may think someone's business or government should follow a certain path but we were not the designers of "what was to be." We most likely were not at the celestial meeting that decided their role in this lifetime. What we can do is choose how or if it affects our path in life.

Today, pay close attention to major decisions that affect your life. Consider the high road. Choose what is best in the big picture for yourself.