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Way, WAY Too Much Fun - The 5 Personal Year

The 5 Personal Year

There's nothing like a 5 Personal Year in Numerology that gets peoples' attention. We fear it like the 5s in the deck of Tarot, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

So why is the 5 year necessary? Every 9 years, we give ourselves the opportunity to see what we've learned. It's a time whereby the God within sits back a little and says, "Let's see what you can do and when you have yourself in a tizzy, we'll work at getting you back on track. What is your mission in life? Let's tweak it - as soon as I can get your attention again (which may be 2015)." 

During the 5 personal year, we're like kids in a candy store. The Universe steps back and gives us free reign (not that it controls our every move anyway). Everything looks like gold. People we meet look like Soulmates....Twin Flames, even! We've had a cup of coffee with them and "because we are adults", we KNOW that this is the one and by that weekend, we've …

It's Not All About You - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 30, 2013


It's a great vibration to end a lovely Fall month. Starting tomorrow, begin to look at your life during October. It's a preview to how 2014 will be for you.

Lots of communication (watch the gossip), but with heart and soul. The 9 says it's the day to listen but with two 3s, we'll be wanting to talk and laugh. Make it a balance of the two.

Though it's a Monday and the beginning of the work week for many, business can get playful AND creative. Concentrate on creative. Change out the website. Change out your business cards, if you need to reorder. What will get peoples' attention? Change out the front window, if you're a storefront. 

The child within will also want to come out to play, and there is nothing wrong with that. Get outside with your kids (if you have children) and take a moment to laugh and play. 

Comedy DVDs are high on the list. But above all, take time to listen to each other. If you're out with friends, remember, it's not all about yo…

Make a Difference To Yourself! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 26, 2013

CHANGE! I know most people don't like this word, but it really could be a great one if you're looking for change within your business, finances, health, or even your personal surroundings (home decor).

This is the last opportunity this month to hone in on a great vibration to change your focus, your job, your business, obtain a job, take a different stance regarding your health/dietary issues, or something as small as redecorating your sacred space. Whichever avenue you choose, taking action in these categories really is a path to feeling better about your security and stability.

Major decision to be made? It's a very good day. You will find the 8s in corporate business, the government, the judicial system, the military - places where the ability to make a decision is paramount. They don't always make the best decisions either, but THEY MAKE A DECISION and give it a try

Today - make a difference in your life!

Arrival of the Master Teacher - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 25, 2013

Over-analytical? Absolutely! 

Is the brain thinking too much? You got it. Try to let the "what ifs", "whys", and "yeah, buts" go by the wayside. If you're researching a project today or trying to figure out the best way to accomplish a task, allow yourself to breathe as well. Being over-serious will not get you better results. 

The one thing you can count on is that the student and the master teacher are once again joined so be prepared that we're all in the classroom today. Some of us may be in reading class and some of us may go straight to quantum physics. Some of us may be the student and some of us will be the teacher. Don't be surprised that throughout the day, we'll share a little of both.

One thing that everyone can utilize is the intuitive ability that will be running high. When the Spiritual Seeker (7) meets the Master Teacher (22), we should really be trusting our gut feelings and make plans that are for our highest and best…

She's Pregnant?! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 24, 2013

I particularly like this vibration today but it can go two ways. No matter the result, it's needed. 

This is the family/community vibration which is also incredibly domestic and artistic. 

Family issues (positive/negative) will most likely be addressed. It's up to us what the outcome will be and how it may play out. Some of these situations, you have no control over. But they still affect the family structure. 

Hi Mom! I'm PregnantHey Dad! Natalie and I are moving to New York (you're in California)!I quit college. I'm sick of it and it's not me.They may be positive for part of the family, but a challenge for the other. Overall, they are family dynamics.
The 3 tells us that communication is involved, but 6 says, let's not yell and scream. Let's take care of each other and use a nurturing attitude.

Take It Light & Easy - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 23, 2013

This is the last of the oil/vinegar vibration for a little while. 

And if you're not accustomed to the 5/2 vibration - they are at the opposite spectrum when it comes to closeness vs. freedom, dependence vs. independence, responsibility vs. spontaneity.

Either we are both on the same page, or we're miles apart. Perhaps you'll experience both ends of the spectrum all in the same day. 

Whichever it may be, relationships are being pulled in opposite directions, and how we wish to enjoy our time is usually at a challenge. 

Ride it out - it's only for one day. Try not to make fast, major plans unless necessary. Just go slow and take it easy.

Stability & Security - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 22, 2013


If this was a 4/4/1 vibration, my writings would be different today. It would be a headstrong, gung-ho attitude, which can still occur. With the 22 suddenly in the mix (we're not going to reduce that number), now we've brought in the master teacher. 

What will you learn today? 

Look at the situations and people around you and realize that many of these situations and relationships you have drawn to yourself and not necessarily for punishment, or hardship (as we sometimes think). The teacher can allow you to look at things differently, if we choose. 

Intuition is running high today. Find a peaceful place for even a few moments and look within. Listen for answers. Find comfort and solace in nature. "God lives in me, as me." (Gilbert, 2006)

Concentrate on projects that center around the home, stability, and future security. What small steps can you do today to work towards those goals. If you have ideas but don't know how to start, do a little study as the 4 is q…

PLAY! LAUGH! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 21, 2013


PLAY - it's that type of vibration. The fact that it lands on a Saturday helps a lot, even for those who work the weekends.

If you deal with customers, enjoy their company. Bring up conversations that have nothing to do with the product/service you sell. Make them feel welcome. 

LAUGH. Tell stories and jokes. Have a good time. 

The 3 loves to bring out the child within but it also can bring out the not-so-positive side of the child which centers around tantrums and gossips. 9 will back those attributes up so watch the emotions. Watch your words - 9 can cut pretty deep in that regard. 

If things get too heavy, just remember - stop and PLAY, LAUGH, COMEDY DVDS, FUN, EXCITEMENT....

Not a Day For Ozoning - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 19, 2013

Here's another Hermit Card day (if you're familiar with the Hermit Card in Tarot). 

For some of us, remember the song "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen? It's not a day that we necessarily have to be lonely or without others. But it's one that we'll at the least section off a piece of our minds and do some real thinking and/or studying/research.

It's not a social butterfly vibration. It's a very independent focus and it's also one of action. 

If you've been wishing to accomplish a goal in the past month/year, it's a day to push it forward - not with thought, but with action. The 1 is determined in accomplishing their goals - not sitting on the sidelines while everyone around them lives life. (Notice that in most, not all tarot decks, the hermit is not sitting. He's standing and actively seeking. He has his tools out - a lantern and sometimes a staff. He's not "ozoning" on the couch). 

What have you  been focusing on and…

Listen Up! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 18, 2013

This combo always fascinates me. It's an incredibly nurturing/humanitarian vibrations whereby we are our brother's keeper, if we choose. As in all things, we don't have to do anything we do not want to do. However, it doesn't mean it won't cross our minds. 

Today, the therapist comes out in all of us but instead of speaking, it's a time for listening. We don't have to offer advice unless asked. We learn a lot about others and the world around us by listening. 

And besides listening to others, give yourself a treat by listening to nature. There's a reason the birds of the air and the rustling of leaves were designed with the sounds they offer. Today, allow nature to nurture you and your soul. 


Got A Screwdriver? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 17, 2013


CHANGE IT! Oh nooooo, it's one of those days....but perhaps not. We can certainly use it to our advantage.

Change in professionChange in home environmentChange in health

What could be better if we are not satisfied with one of these three? The key? You have to put action into it. Wishing and hoping doesn't get us there. But it'll back you up as you take that first step today.

It doesn't have to be a huge step - even a small one will do. (For example, vitamins, exercise, for the health issues). Apply for that job you've been looking at. Fix the home repairs that need to be done. Even if finances are a bit short, there is something you can do (have duct tape, a little paint, screwdriver?)

In business, it's time to take a chance. Yes, 5 is the great gambler. If you've been wanting to take your business in a different direction, today's a good day. Here we go - put up the sale sign, schedule the seminar, call that meeting. Don't "think" abou…

Too Good To Be True - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 14, 2013


Shake it up! 

For some of us, our mothers used to make homemade salad dressing in a bottle. On the sides of the bottle were the embossed water/oil/vinegar lines so that you got it just right. And every time you wanted to use it, one had to shake it up to continually keep these three mixed. 

5 & 2 -  both generous number in their own ways, but let's not put them in a car together to go on vacation. Before they get they refill the tank of gas, 5 will want to put 2 out on the side of the road. 2 is way too emotional for 5.

We want freedom and spark today! Adventure and charisma! And then we might just turn around an hour later and feel we've done the wrong thing. We want a divorce, only then to want marriage an hour later (though maybe not with the same person).

So if you're feeling at odds, don't despair. Just go with the punches. If you're in sales, it'll actually work out for you as you'll care more about your client and their needs. Just remember, &q…

It's Your Job - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 13, 2013

"This needs to be done."
"Well, I'm just not going to do it."
"What do you mean you're not doing it."
"Because I'll do it when I'm good and ready."

The 4 and 1 - at odds with each over about who is in control. I always imagine them on a bus, sitting on opposites sides and arguing. I've known 4/1 relationships and someone is always having to "give in" if they want to keep the relationship going. Unfortunately, it's usually the same one getting their way (though they don't believe so) and someone else is always the self-sacrificing, miserable one. The one that gets their way thinks they have a good relationship. It never enters their mind that the other person wishes they were no longer there.

Today, sit back a moment when it comes to confrontation and rethink. Does it always have to be a certain way? Does it have to be your way? Try to see both sides of an issue before making that final decision.

It's a g…

Design With Soul! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 12, 2013

Get out the paint! Get out the sewing machine! Whatever your creative project is at home/work, drag it out of the drawers IF you want a different slant to its normal outcome.

Why? It's a creative day and the 9 tells me you'll put more of your heart and soul into it. 

If you're working on a creative venture today at work, you'll probably do a different job than if it was a 7 or 1 Life Path day. You're going to be thinking "client" and what they want. And isn't that the idea?

If you're at home and it's time to paint that family room or office, you'll most likely choose colors and decorations that aren't neon. A color scheme that creates an environment of comfort and happiness will be more to our liking.

Today, laugh, play, spend time with friends/family and above with soul!

Let's Get To The Nitty Gritty - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 11, 2013


With two master 11s surrounding the number 8, there are two things we can look at strongly. 

What is your vision for the career/job/investments that financially support you?

What is your vision for your health?

It's time to make some hefty decisions, if you have not done it in the past week. If you have come to firm conclusions in the past week, and you haven't sat down and made that important call that gets it all started, do it today. No more procrastinating. Visualization only gets you so far, and the Universe rarely does it all for you while you sit and wait.

One thing that is very important is that these are not three numbers of compromise, second best, or better than nothing. This is a combination that truly says, "What is best for you?" Let that be your guide in all things today.

P. S. For those who have asked, the vibrations of September 11, 2001 were 11/11/5 - a different type of focus.

Rethink! Take Action! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 10, 2013

We're back to the same vibration as the first of the month - analytical and prone to more isolation than normal. It's not that people are leaving us alone; we may just be seeking some time for ourselves in reflection.

By the way, not every September is like this - it's the vibration for September, 2013. 

Visualize the Hermit in Tarot (seeking the truth). If the events surrounding your life are important, yet questionable, take some time today to contemplate just exactly where you're headed. You may also want to design new plans, or a better route on getting there. There's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned Pros/Cons list on a piece of paper.

But one thing you can be assured of, the 1 says, "Let's move on it. Let's take action." A lot of plans for our life can be started and/or pushed forward with the 1 vibration. It's a no-nonsense vibration that helps make our dreams come true. We just have to be the vessels that turn the wheels.


Do I Keep or Leave It? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 9, 2013

Each number has several meanings; each combination several options. 

One of the combinations that may cross our paths today is the wrapping up of chapters...with our family or community members. It could be as simple as a visit and we are returning home or moving to a new home. It could be the understanding that a habit, or situation ends. It could be as harsh as the ending of a relationship. 

One thing it is not is spontaneous and a surprise. This would be something that has been planned and thought through. All in all, we make the choice.

Both the 9 and  will look for the highest and best good of the individual making the decision. Choose wisely.

You're Thinking Too Much! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 7, 2013

Our analytical thought processes may be working overtime today as our philosophical side emerges. 

7, the number of research and philosophy, is teaming up with the Master Number 22 - the Master Teacher. It is also one of the analytical numbers of Numerology and so our minds can really be whirring as the day goes on. 

If your analysis heads in a positive direction, you may wish to let it flow with fantastic ideas - particularly if you are studying or learning something new. Don't be afraid to surf the Internet for instruction, go to the library, or haul out the "How To" books you've been storing on the shelves. There is an abundance of subjects just waiting to be explored.

If your analysis heads in a negative direction, if may be more productive to redirect your focus on overcoming/mending the situation that has you there. Too much analysis on negativity only creates more negativity. A walk in nature (even in your own yard) can quite the mind for a short time. Don…

Take Care of Each Other - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 6, 2013

Family - Community - Nurturing - Communication

It's an all around good vibration to come together. Family doesn't have to be who you're related to. It's about spending time (fun time; not argument time) with those we deem close and enjoying ourselves. 

On a Friday, consider a "come as you are" party. Consider an impromptu potluck. Meet for dinner elsewhere or dessert. If your friends are not close in proximity, get on the cell phone, use Skype and have dinner together over the phone/internet waves. 

It's a simple vibration today - Take care of each other.

Ride It Out - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 5, 2013


Of all the numbers that bring us an oil/vinegar combo, this is it. They are at complete opposites and in this case, opposites do not attract.

Freedom vs. DependencyExperimentation vs. TraditionIndependence vs. ClosenessDrama vs. Peacefulness

And we're leaning more towards the 5 than the 2 today. We're wanting out and free. We're reaching for the spontaneity in life. Folks will be wanting to throw in the towel on a spur of the moment.

But as always, we choose as to whether we want to go over the top, or take a breather and rethink. 

What these two can agree upon is money. Neither have big bank accounts and though 2 is not a spender, it won't care if 5 goes on a major buying spree. Watch the spending and try not to purchase to make yourself feel better. It never works.

In the case of today's vibration, ride it out, lean towards those things that bring a smile to your face, and get out in nature (when possible).

Accomplish It Now! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 4, 2013

4 and 1 - It's my way or no way.

They can really hit heads against each other because they both have their own idea of who is correct. These two can really argue up a storm but we choose if we wish to act it out.

However, if they would set their need to be at the top aside, they can really get a lot done in working in a business, starting a business, or getting house/home projects completed (particularly if they are fix-it jobs).  

If you're involved in a real estate transaction (buying/selling), you'll be pushing it even harder today to complete it or get it underway.

Students may find themselves locked in study so if you have a class assignment to complete, this is a great day. 

Again, not a great combo for close relationships, so don't take the isolation between others personally. It's a high energy day for accomplishing things that need to be taken care of. 

Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 3rd, 2013


We have a great ability to communicate today. We just have to be careful when it comes to giving advice (which the 9 loves to do). 

I recently heard a therapist say, "Advice is not advice when it's not asked for." That's right. And with two 3s sitting there, we might talk a lot more than we should. 

It's a good time to think things out verbally, even if you have to talk to yourself. If you know there is something you need to take "care of" (such as for yourself), make the appointment today. Telephone. Get it started. 

Also, a lovely time to get together with friends and solve a few issues or two. You can do this in person or over the internet. Keep it light. Keep it happy. Don't forget to laugh today. Laughter is the best medicine!

Doing What You Love - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 2, 2013


Two business numbers come together today, but when it comes to how business is operated, they are totally opposites of each other.

2 would give their services away; 8 is going to charge for everything2 isn't going to save a penny; 8 is going to have a portfolio for their old age2 is a follower; 8 is a leader
Why is 2 considered a business number of Numerology? I have no clue! 2, however, is big into service. Therefore, there is the need to give to others and if it is combined with service, there can be a lot of work to be had.

2 is also about love. So are you loving what you do? The 11 in the middle asks is it for our highest and best good? 

In the USA today, it's a holiday - Labor Day. Consider the labor that you do. Consider doing what you love for a job and strive towards it. Use your gut feeling (2) and follow your heart. 

If you are working around the home today, do the chores you love. Have fun with them. Make it a game, if need be.

Leave Me Alone - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 1, 2013


September always brings a personal vibration to each one of us that may or may not have been experienced throughout the rest of the year. It will depend upon your chart. This month, your personal year number is also your personal month number. So we're ALL doubling up on a particular vibration. Me? I'm in a personal 4 year; this is a personal 4 month as well. Security, stability, home life, and business will be "doubly" important to me.

But for just today, we're sitting in a 1/7 combination for the planet. It's not necessarily a cozy, cuddly vibration as we're searching out better ways, goals, and plans, for ourselves. Both of these numbers do very well in research, observation, independent study, and seclusion.

It doesn't mean they don't like people, it just means they need time for themselves. Have you ever seen 4 people in a restaurant at the same table, all texting on their phones without any consideration that they were with others? You w…