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Arrival of the Master Teacher - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 25, 2013


Over-analytical? Absolutely! 

Is the brain thinking too much? You got it. Try to let the "what ifs", "whys", and "yeah, buts" go by the wayside. If you're researching a project today or trying to figure out the best way to accomplish a task, allow yourself to breathe as well. Being over-serious will not get you better results. 

The one thing you can count on is that the student and the master teacher are once again joined so be prepared that we're all in the classroom today. Some of us may be in reading class and some of us may go straight to quantum physics. Some of us may be the student and some of us will be the teacher. Don't be surprised that throughout the day, we'll share a little of both.

One thing that everyone can utilize is the intuitive ability that will be running high. When the Spiritual Seeker (7) meets the Master Teacher (22), we should really be trusting our gut feelings and make plans that are for our highest and best good.