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Design With Soul! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 12, 2013


Get out the paint! Get out the sewing machine! Whatever your creative project is at home/work, drag it out of the drawers IF you want a different slant to its normal outcome.

Why? It's a creative day and the 9 tells me you'll put more of your heart and soul into it. 

If you're working on a creative venture today at work, you'll probably do a different job than if it was a 7 or 1 Life Path day. You're going to be thinking "client" and what they want. And isn't that the idea?

If you're at home and it's time to paint that family room or office, you'll most likely choose colors and decorations that aren't neon. A color scheme that creates an environment of comfort and happiness will be more to our liking.

Today, laugh, play, spend time with friends/family and above with soul!