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Doing What You Love - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 2, 2013


Two business numbers come together today, but when it comes to how business is operated, they are totally opposites of each other.

  • 2 would give their services away; 8 is going to charge for everything
  • 2 isn't going to save a penny; 8 is going to have a portfolio for their old age
  • 2 is a follower; 8 is a leader

Why is 2 considered a business number of Numerology? I have no clue! 2, however, is big into service. Therefore, there is the need to give to others and if it is combined with service, there can be a lot of work to be had.

2 is also about love. So are you loving what you do? The 11 in the middle asks is it for our highest and best good? 

In the USA today, it's a holiday - Labor Day. Consider the labor that you do. Consider doing what you love for a job and strive towards it. Use your gut feeling (2) and follow your heart. 

If you are working around the home today, do the chores you love. Have fun with them. Make it a game, if need be.