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Got A Screwdriver? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 17, 2013


CHANGE IT! Oh nooooo, it's one of those days....but perhaps not. We can certainly use it to our advantage.

  • Change in profession
  • Change in home environment
  • Change in health

What could be better if we are not satisfied with one of these three? The key? You have to put action into it. Wishing and hoping doesn't get us there. But it'll back you up as you take that first step today.

It doesn't have to be a huge step - even a small one will do. (For example, vitamins, exercise, for the health issues). Apply for that job you've been looking at. Fix the home repairs that need to be done. Even if finances are a bit short, there is something you can do (have duct tape, a little paint, screwdriver?)

In business, it's time to take a chance. Yes, 5 is the great gambler. If you've been wanting to take your business in a different direction, today's a good day. Here we go - put up the sale sign, schedule the seminar, call that meeting. Don't "think" about it - 5 is the number of action

Have a good one....