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It's Not All About You - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 30, 2013


It's a great vibration to end a lovely Fall month. Starting tomorrow, begin to look at your life during October. It's a preview to how 2014 will be for you.

Lots of communication (watch the gossip), but with heart and soul. The 9 says it's the day to listen but with two 3s, we'll be wanting to talk and laugh. Make it a balance of the two.

Though it's a Monday and the beginning of the work week for many, business can get playful AND creative. Concentrate on creative. Change out the website. Change out your business cards, if you need to reorder. What will get peoples' attention? Change out the front window, if you're a storefront. 

The child within will also want to come out to play, and there is nothing wrong with that. Get outside with your kids (if you have children) and take a moment to laugh and play. 

Comedy DVDs are high on the list. But above all, take time to listen to each other. If you're out with friends, remember, it's not all about you so don't dominate the conversation. SHARE time together.