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Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 3rd, 2013


We have a great ability to communicate today. We just have to be careful when it comes to giving advice (which the 9 loves to do). 

I recently heard a therapist say, "Advice is not advice when it's not asked for." That's right. And with two 3s sitting there, we might talk a lot more than we should. 

It's a good time to think things out verbally, even if you have to talk to yourself. If you know there is something you need to take "care of" (such as for yourself), make the appointment today. Telephone. Get it started. 

Also, a lovely time to get together with friends and solve a few issues or two. You can do this in person or over the internet. Keep it light. Keep it happy. Don't forget to laugh today. Laughter is the best medicine!