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Make a Difference To Yourself! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 26, 2013


CHANGE! I know most people don't like this word, but it really could be a great one if you're looking for change within your business, finances, health, or even your personal surroundings (home decor).

This is the last opportunity this month to hone in on a great vibration to change your focus, your job, your business, obtain a job, take a different stance regarding your health/dietary issues, or something as small as redecorating your sacred space. Whichever avenue you choose, taking action in these categories really is a path to feeling better about your security and stability.

Major decision to be made? It's a very good day. You will find the 8s in corporate business, the government, the judicial system, the military - places where the ability to make a decision is paramount. They don't always make the best decisions either, but THEY MAKE A DECISION and give it a try

Today - make a difference in your life!