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Not a Day For Ozoning - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 19, 2013


Here's another Hermit Card day (if you're familiar with the Hermit Card in Tarot). 

For some of us, remember the song "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen? It's not a day that we necessarily have to be lonely or without others. But it's one that we'll at the least section off a piece of our minds and do some real thinking and/or studying/research.

It's not a social butterfly vibration. It's a very independent focus and it's also one of action. 

If you've been wishing to accomplish a goal in the past month/year, it's a day to push it forward - not with thought, but with action. The 1 is determined in accomplishing their goals - not sitting on the sidelines while everyone around them lives life. (Notice that in most, not all tarot decks, the hermit is not sitting. He's standing and actively seeking. He has his tools out - a lantern and sometimes a staff. He's not "ozoning" on the couch). 

What have you  been focusing on and wanting to achieve? Take another step today to bring it to fruition. Better yet, keep it going while there's light of day.