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PLAY! LAUGH! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 21, 2013


PLAY - it's that type of vibration. The fact that it lands on a Saturday helps a lot, even for those who work the weekends.

If you deal with customers, enjoy their company. Bring up conversations that have nothing to do with the product/service you sell. Make them feel welcome. 

LAUGH. Tell stories and jokes. Have a good time. 

The 3 loves to bring out the child within but it also can bring out the not-so-positive side of the child which centers around tantrums and gossips. 9 will back those attributes up so watch the emotions. Watch your words - 9 can cut pretty deep in that regard. 

If things get too heavy, just remember - stop and PLAY, LAUGH, COMEDY DVDS, FUN, EXCITEMENT....