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Ride It Out - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 5, 2013


Of all the numbers that bring us an oil/vinegar combo, this is it. They are at complete opposites and in this case, opposites do not attract.

  • Freedom vs. Dependency
  • Experimentation vs. Tradition
  • Independence vs. Closeness
  • Drama vs. Peacefulness

And we're leaning more towards the 5 than the 2 today. We're wanting out and free. We're reaching for the spontaneity in life. Folks will be wanting to throw in the towel on a spur of the moment.

But as always, we choose as to whether we want to go over the top, or take a breather and rethink. 

What these two can agree upon is money. Neither have big bank accounts and though 2 is not a spender, it won't care if 5 goes on a major buying spree. Watch the spending and try not to purchase to make yourself feel better. It never works.

In the case of today's vibration, ride it out, lean towards those things that bring a smile to your face, and get out in nature (when possible).