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She's Pregnant?! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 24, 2013


I particularly like this vibration today but it can go two ways. No matter the result, it's needed. 

This is the family/community vibration which is also incredibly domestic and artistic. 

Family issues (positive/negative) will most likely be addressed. It's up to us what the outcome will be and how it may play out. Some of these situations, you have no control over. But they still affect the family structure. 

  • Hi Mom! I'm Pregnant
  • Hey Dad! Natalie and I are moving to New York (you're in California)!
  • I quit college. I'm sick of it and it's not me.
They may be positive for part of the family, but a challenge for the other. Overall, they are family dynamics.

The 3 tells us that communication is involved, but 6 says, let's not yell and scream. Let's take care of each other and use a nurturing attitude.