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Stability & Security - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 22, 2013


If this was a 4/4/1 vibration, my writings would be different today. It would be a headstrong, gung-ho attitude, which can still occur. With the 22 suddenly in the mix (we're not going to reduce that number), now we've brought in the master teacher. 

What will you learn today? 

Look at the situations and people around you and realize that many of these situations and relationships you have drawn to yourself and not necessarily for punishment, or hardship (as we sometimes think). The teacher can allow you to look at things differently, if we choose. 

Intuition is running high today. Find a peaceful place for even a few moments and look within. Listen for answers. Find comfort and solace in nature. "God lives in me, as me." (Gilbert, 2006)

Concentrate on projects that center around the home, stability, and future security. What small steps can you do today to work towards those goals. If you have ideas but don't know how to start, do a little study as the 4 is quite the student. Research online, in the newspaper, or at a library (if they're open) where to start or advance. 

And above all else, tell yourself, "You did a good job today. Well done!"