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Way, WAY Too Much Fun - The 5 Personal Year

The 5 Personal Year

There's nothing like a 5 Personal Year in Numerology that gets peoples' attention. We fear it like the 5s in the deck of Tarot, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

So why is the 5 year necessary? Every 9 years, we give ourselves the opportunity to see what we've learned. It's a time whereby the God within sits back a little and says, "Let's see what you can do and when you have yourself in a tizzy, we'll work at getting you back on track. What is your mission in life? Let's tweak it - as soon as I can get your attention again (which may be 2015)." 

During the 5 personal year, we're like kids in a candy store. The Universe steps back and gives us free reign (not that it controls our every move anyway). Everything looks like gold. People we meet look like Soulmates....Twin Flames, even! We've had a cup of coffee with them and "because we are adults", we KNOW that this is the one and by that weekend, we've moved in together. By 2015 we're asking, "Who is this person?" The world is exciting and we're all riding high.

We're offered a job that promises things that are too good to be true! But we believe it, drop the dependable job and discover within four weeks that we've been laid off at the new job. Usually when we look back, there was a huge red flag flying in the midst of the job offer, but we ignored it.

We want to be free - we want to be independent - we want OUT! Everything and everyone is FANTASTIC! And so often, we spend our 6 personal year is spent cleaning up our mess from the year before. So, what can we do?

  • Sit back and think more than twice
  • All that glitters is not gold should be posted on our mirror and frig for the entire year (try not to rip it off)
  • Ask advice of a good friend in a very grounded year and consider taking their advice
  • Ask several people in fact, but not others in a 5 personal year (they'll just encourage you)
  • Learn from the mistakes of 9 years ago when you were perhaps doing the same thing
  • When you can, wait until 2015 when you're thoughts will be far clearer
  • Do enjoy yourself, but don't make long term, permanent, legal commitments if you have a choice
  • Write yourself notes of advice now while you're still grounded and post them. Read them often next year
  • Spend MORE time with your guides asking advice. Don't always dismiss it when the answer sounds boring

It's not meant to be a boring year, but after the Nose-To-The-Grindstone 4 of 2013, we're ready for some fun. It's just that we sometimes have too much fun.