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You're Thinking Too Much! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 7, 2013


Our analytical thought processes may be working overtime today as our philosophical side emerges. 

7, the number of research and philosophy, is teaming up with the Master Number 22 - the Master Teacher. It is also one of the analytical numbers of Numerology and so our minds can really be whirring as the day goes on. 

If your analysis heads in a positive direction, you may wish to let it flow with fantastic ideas - particularly if you are studying or learning something new. Don't be afraid to surf the Internet for instruction, go to the library, or haul out the "How To" books you've been storing on the shelves. There is an abundance of subjects just waiting to be explored.

If your analysis heads in a negative direction, if may be more productive to redirect your focus on overcoming/mending the situation that has you there. Too much analysis on negativity only creates more negativity. A walk in nature (even in your own yard) can quite the mind for a short time. Don't hesitate to do it several times a day if need be. 

All in all, for those of us that live very cerebral lives, it's a great combination. For others, it could feel as if we are thinking too much. Allow it to head you in the direction of learning a new skill or project and it may just feel like a fun day!