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Are You Psychic? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 22, 2013


Teacher, Student, or Visionary? Which will be your vibration today?

More than not, it'll be a combination of all three. No matter what your goals are today, listening more than speaking will help you gain the answers that you're seeking. 

The combinations of the number 2 is high today and one of the 2's gifts is high intuition and psychic ability

We can all sing - it's just on a scale of 1 to 10 how well. We all have psychic ability - some of us more than others or in most instances, some of us just had more practice than others. There is nothing particularly magical to it; it's a matter of trusting what you are receiving and working with it. With time and practice, you'll learn to think with your heart and not your head; you'll know when it's you or not you. 

In searching for a "psychic" photo this morning, it's amazing how many mystical photos are offered the computer operator as if it is talent only few can attain. Yet children are born every day with this ability and think nothing of it. It is only families and societies that cut off their abilities by telling them they are imagining things - don't tell other people as they'll think you're "crazy and lock you up". Out of fear, we let it go. 

Today, just for the fun of it, think of a time as a youngster that you may have known without knowing why. What were the different things that happened to you that you kept tucked away as to not be ridiculed (imaginary friends, a teacher no one else could see, angels, lower entities, the ability to know who was at the door before answering, knowing answers before they were spoken, etc.)? Did you think that was a childhood disorder that needed to be corrected? And if it was, where did it come from because that's how you were born. It came with you just like breathing, eating, and sleeping. Were you told not to breathe because they may view you as abnormal? No. 

Then why was something so simple viewed as abnormal when other human abilities were not? Control.

Today, entertain the possibility that you can attain that gift once again through practice. Some call it intuition; some call it gut feelings. Others place the title psychic on it. It all comes down to the same thing. 


  1. Thx Cheryl, this was my day yesterday!


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