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Color My World With...Cookies! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 15, 2013


How's the month going for you? Remember, these vibrations will be here for you to work through, around, with, etc., next year. If you don't like what you see, use a level head when it comes to 2014 and work through it sensibly.

This is a lovely vibration today! The vibration of family/community/design meets study/home/business. Though every combo gives us several ways to go, here are a few people may wish to grasp onto. 

It may be that we're feeling domestic and wish to putz about the house either getting it ready for winter (Northern Hemisphere), or doing Spring cleaning (Southern Hemisphere). Perhaps we're decorating with the idea that we're going to be inside for awhile and we want a more comfortable look. All in all, it's a domestic vibration so don't be surprised if we're also harvesting, planting, canning, and taking care of ourselves and others.

If you're a designer (jewelry, clothing, etc.), this is a good time to work on your craft and also contact others about selling on commission, if we don't have a store of our own. We may wish to advertise and sell on our own, get a business license, or 101 other things it takes to get a design business advertised. Perhaps we want to have a showing, so looking around for upcoming craft fairs, artist gatherings, etc., is perfect!

Whichever vibration you wish to gravitate to, it's an overall good day to gather with others. Make it a community day!