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Feel The Answers. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 20, 2013


It's a good combo for a Sunday. No matter how we were raised, we tend to think of Sunday as a day when our spirituality is practiced, or at least, thought about.

The Intuitive 2 joins with Old Wisdom (9) to generate a number of reactions within us. Perhaps we will go to a gathering of our choice, attend an organized church, or sit on the porch swing alone and contemplate life. 

We may choose to light a candle or two within our home, turn on a tabletop fountain, practice Yoga, or meditate. It's not the actual practice itself, but what will put us in the mood for communing with the Divine that matters. 

If you're looking for answers within, take time today to practice the meditation of your choice and ask the questions. And meditation can be done while walking alone, relaxing in a pool, or whatever exercise stills our mind and opens our heart to feel and listen.

Today, feel the answers.