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Go After What You Love - Your Numerology Vibrations for October 8, 2013


I like this vibration. 

Did you decide upon a change for yourself yesterday? It doesn't have to be huge; it can be anything you wanted to achieve. Whether it's an entirely new career move to changing the color of a bedroom or wardrobe, if it's something yesterday that you decided to achieve, take it a step further today

8 is a great decision maker and go-getter. 6 will make sure you're emotions are taken care of. You'll be looking out for yourself much like a parent looks over a child. So proceed forward unless you feel it's not the best thing at this time.

Listen to the parent within, unless it always emulates a parent/guardian that you had a destructive relationship with. Find the voice within that is your own - looking out for the best for you.

This is also a good vibration that says, Work at what you love. If you're applying for jobs today, apply for something you would love to do. Change your resume to reflect the talents you have towards this profession and not something else. It won't get their attention. Be creative with your resume. It's a whole new world when applying for jobs than it was in 1970. Use word of mouth and network with family/friends/acquaintances (6). Consider self-employment - what skills do you have?

Keep up the pursuits of yesterday and go after what you love!