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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise - Your Numerology Vibrations for October 10, 2013


And our nine day cycle begins once again.

I like to call this our "healthy, wealthy, and wise" vibration. There is something in each one of those that the 1/8 combo is going to accelerate in. 

Whether you're looking at your health, finances,job, decision making, business, or possessions, the 1/8 is a no-nonsense hard-hitter. But be warned, These are not vibrations that say, "Maybe" or "Perhaps I'll think about it." It has taken the decisions of the past few days and it wants to ACT on them. Rightfully so.

So think back over the past few days and think about the mental decisions you've made in these areas. What were they? Perhaps you can type them in your word processor or write them down and attach them to your refrigerator. It's time to take a first step (or second, third, fourth......)

Make a call. Pay a bill. Apply. It's a day of action.