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I'm Not A Sheep - Your Numerology Vibrations for October 16, 2013


It's not working for me. 
What's not working?
My philosophies of life....

I'm not a sheep. Never have been and if I was, I was probably the Black Sheep of the family. As a true Gemini, the thought of doing the same thing for the rest of my life was...torture. 

Along with doing the same thing was the act of thinking the same way. If you're still following the same belief systems you did at 20 (and now you're 40) either you find great satisfaction from them or you're extremely unhappy with them and feel you can not change. It's perfectly fine to change your mind and pursue different belief systems in order to discover what is right for you. 

The Spiritual Seeker (7) combined with the Change master (5) often times asks us to question why we follow the beliefs that we do? There is no right/wrong path. We are not sheep. But we do need to discover what works for us. As a friend once said, "Holy Books Abound."

Today, if you've been wondering about the variety of belief systems, grab your coffee cup and do a little surfing online. Just because you're taking time to study doesn't mean that you're going to follow another's beliefs. However, you may learn a little about the folks around you.