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Jump On The Internet! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 30, 2013


The last of the 3/1 vibration for awhile, so if you're in the artistic, communication, or self-employment field, today's a good time for networking and expanding.

We may wish to spend it more with friends, and that can be a positive as well. But also realize that if you're looking to expand your present employment or seeking new employment, there's nothing like letting everyone know over a nice cup of coffee what you're up to! 

Most often, we get our best leads through friends and colleagues.

It doesn't always have to be about business. What are your goals and dreams? Again, tap into other people to help through letting them know.

If you don't have others around you, jump on the Internet. Create a poll, check out YouTube for instructions, or surf the web. There are always people around to glean ideas from. So have a great time talking today!