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Let Your Creativity Shine Through. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 12, 2013


For those in sales, this could actually be a good selling day (if you're open for business). 

The 3 of communication meets the business owner 1 in all of us. So, if you're open today, this is the time to really work at customer service.

But it's not always about communication - it's also about creativity. If you're an artist, actor, journalist, musician, writer, painter, or anything to do with the arts, the vibration says, "push it!" 

Is it a show you want to put on? Probably can't do it impromptu, but you can certainly get it started by signing up with an upcoming show, or negotiate with an existing business to perform, sell on commission, or have a showing. No matter what your gift, it's time to get out there so that people know you exist and have your creations recognized.

So whether it's working on your gift, selling, or even changing your business cards/brochures for the better, it's a good creative vibration.