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Listen To The Customer! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 13, 2013


ooOOOooo! Watch the debit/credit cards today! If there is something the 5 and 3 love, it's spending money. However, if you do need to purchase some items, you'll be all set - shop owners will love you.

It's a roller coaster of a day. 5 will keep things lively while 3 needs to talk about it. Do try to think first before saying something that may not be to someone's or your advantage. It could become very much like the child's game "Telephone." By the time it hits the 10th person, the story has mutated to something far different than the original.

If you're in sales of any type, it could actually serve you well as the two Public Relation numbers walk side by side. Use your imagination and have a good time! Besides talking with your customers, remember to listen. You'll learn what your customers want if you refrain from enjoying the "I need to talk!" vibration. They need to talk as well and how else will you be able to serve your customer better than by knowing what they're seeking?

Whether you work inside or outside of your home, this can actually be an enjoyable, people-filled day if you go with the flow. Just think twice before engaging in a conversation that is not positive.