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Make Up Your Mind - Your Numerology Vibrations for October 7, 2013


After having been ill for a week, it was time to dig into the numbers again. And for me as a Life Path 7, this is a good day.

There's change in the air today and perhaps even a little excitement with it. The good part about the 7 and 5 (very natural numbers to each other), the 5 is going to yell, "Let's Do It!" and the 7 will be saying, "Let's research it out first." They have a nice balance that way or else, the 7 could have you researching forever.

Prodded along by the 5, there will be a decent compromise or decision made without waiting a lifetime. 

The phrase of the day? "Wanting change, but checking it out first."

What do you want to change about your life? It can be tiny or huge. But with the 7/8 combo, this is where we check it out first to make sure we haven't overlooked something. If it's a major decision, look at it from all angles. Take additional time (not forever) to look it like an outsider would. Step outside yourself, pretend to be someone else and ask yourself questions as if you are not the one actually involved. 

Ultimately, you'll find that today and tomorrow will be good days to move some of those decisions towards fruition.