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Preview Month for 2014 - Your Numerology Vibrations for October 1, 2013


We are here - PREVIEW MONTH!

When October arrives each year, we are given 31 days of PREVIEW. In Numerology, October allows us to see a glimpse of what the following year may bring. 

Perhaps it's mundane, perhaps it's a bit topsy-turvy, or perhaps we find love, new finances or all the above! 

If October isn't necessarily what you wish to see in 2014, it tells you that you can change the situation or the outcomes you wish to see. We all have choices in life. Vibrations and/or astrology can not make us do anything outside our consent. But it can offer challenges or offerings to overcome or accept.

Today, we're looking at the 1/8 combo, which is neutral in vibration to each other. If you're in any type of business, it can be a real nose to the grindstone day whereby we go after our new business goals. We may discover new goals, a new job, or a fresh start. 

This combo is not a cuddly one, so don't expect understanding, empathy, or soft talk. However, if you need to make a major decision, this is it. 

Both the hard hitting 1 and 8 join forces in major decisions around the world as we find both of these numbers in the military, government, and judicial systems. Look for world events to be more serious at this time.