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Retreating to Home. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 24, 2013


How has October been for you thus far? I will admit it's been a bit topsy-turvy for me, but mostly in emotions and not events. And as October is our 2014 Preview, it reminds me that I need to provide down time, relaxation time for myself next year. 

6/4 - the designer's business delight. If you're a designer, today is your day to work on your business. If you're not already set up in a store (whether yours or another's on commission), have you thought about it? There's nothing like getting your product out there before Thanksgiving (4th week of November). 

For those not working outside their home, this is a lovely vibration for family/home. Now remember, each number has a positive and a challenging aspect to it. So gravitate to the positive. Keep that as your focus. For some, family/home is not necessarily a happy thought. What can you do to create the element of security, nurturing, and stability? If you're pointing fingers and aiming the towards someone else, that rarely works. Look in the mirror and say, "What can I do?"

Even those who live alone can take the 6/4 vibration, look around the house and say, "What can I do to improve the feeling of love and 'home' within my world?" It may include only one small portion of your house, or perhaps it's a room by itself. Today, take one place within your structure and create a place you'd like to retreat to in this upcoming winter season (northern hemisphere).