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Soul Mate, Anyone? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 2, 2013


It's a more cuddly day today (for those who missed it  yesterday).

But besides being a day whereby families can take advantage of togetherness, understanding, and family interaction, it's a day to communicate with the Universe. Trust your gut feelings when asking and receiving answers to all the questions you have. 

2 - the number of high intuition combines with 9, the number of old wisdom. What do you want to know? Grab the journal and write what you feel. Our job will be to find the time to relax, still our minds, and take time to listen.

One bonus that can come from the 2/9 combo, is Soul Mate - IF you're looking for one. As a Soul Mate is here to mirror your strength and weaknesses, it can be a real time of rock n' roll. The feelings are incredibly intense, but the lessons can be over the top. You decide.

All in all - enjoy the day. The Universe is providing nurturing feelings for us all.