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Spontaneity or Soap Opera? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 23, 2013


5/3 - Spontaneity, laissez-fair, throwing caution to the name the phrase.

These two numbers can be great vacation, and/or shopping mates but they can also be "partners in crime" when it comes to throwing out common sense in the pursuit of pleasure and fun. And the 6 is not in a strong position to control either one.

Writing checks for wanted (not needed) items today? Be careful. As long as there are checks in the book, the 5 will continue to write while the 3 eggs it on. We'll worry if there's money to cover the paper later.

If sales is the name of the game, talk to your clients today. It doesn't always have to be advertising your product, but getting to know your customer base. 

Working within your home? Enjoy your surroundings. If they are not to your satisfaction, take one room and make it what you will. (However, tomorrow may be a better day if you're choosing paint swatches. The 5/3 may get into laughing fits choosing neon hues). A re-arrangement of possessions might be just the ticket to making a new comfortable space.

From having coffee with friends out instead of in, choosing a different flavor, creating a dessert that is different, turning on the comedy DVDs, to an impromptu luncheon, we want something out of the ordinary with this combo. Just be careful how you choose as it can also turn and create a bit of drama in our lives.