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The 9 & 7 Love Relationship. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 18, 2013


Today is the 9/7 combo and though I could write about the spiritual connection the two of them share, most of the 9/7 will be at odds with each other. 

So what happens when we put a 9/7 combo together as a relationship? 

At first, opposites attract. Chemistry! But it will take other compatible numbers in their Numerical Blueprints to hold them together. 9/7 alone, is not the ticket for the long haul. 

The 9 is a people person wanting to bring in strays off the road, listening to the burdened about their woes, decorating and entertaining for the holidays, and throwing family reunions. 7, for all its good qualities, hates noise. It's not that we don't like people, holidays, strays, etc, as long as they remain quiet. Oh, we can enjoy all those things - even noise...for 15 minutes.

9 loves the hustle and bustle of restaurants. 7 would rather eat in the car.

The 9 is the counselor and likes everyone (including themselves) to "talk about it." The 7 is the psychologist and likes everyone (except themselves) to talk about it.

9 wants you to talk so they can fix it. 7 wants you to talk so they can put up a wall against potential oncoming pain the 9 may have to offer. They are incredibly sensitive people that will build walls for emotional security. Thus, conversation and intimacy is a challenge.

9: "Tell me about yourself!"
7: (thinking to themselves) You have GOT to be joking...right? In fact, when hell freezes over, buddy.

If the 9 can accept the 7s need for solitude and the 7 respects the 9s need for others, they may survive the years. Their strong points will be their spirituality and the other compatible numbers they share.