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Think Before Speaking! Your Numerology Vibrations for OctTober 21, 2013


For business sales and creativity on a Monday, this can be a good vibration - particularly if we place our customer first. Enjoy the communication and stories; enjoy each other! Bring in personal conversations to your business that your grandparents and great-grandparents brought to their businesses. 

But for a personal conversation that you believe should take place, it can be a bit tricky. 

3 is the great communicator, particularly for journalists, writers, and radio/TV personalities. But on the downside of the 3, is the childlike tendency to strike out and gossip. 1 is the independent leader who doesn't always wish to compromise. And if too much of that vibration circles the 3 we can have a situation whereby we say things when the timing isn't right. 

It would be well for all of us to do more listening than speaking today, though the vibrations tell us different. So at best, think before speaking. If you feel that more tact needs to be involved, wait until tomorrow for the negotiations power of the 11/2