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What Is Best For Us? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 13, 2013


Haven't had this combo for a while - but as in all things, it will return. Just to mark your calendars, we will have two master numbers on the 22nd of this month.

But we're not there yet. Today, we're going to have a couple of different vibrations going. It's up to you which one to grasp onto and go with.

If you're a business owner, you'll still be working today (whether you're open for business or not). The wheels of mental creativity could really be turning. With the master number 11 involved, we're looking for what is best for us. What is best for the business in the long run? Good day for problem-solving so trust your gut feelings. They'll be riding a bit higher today.

Home. The 4 loves the home, security, stability, and study. Though we can enjoy the company of others in our home today, there's a part of us that will want to concentrate on something we wish to learn. That's not always a group participation event. However, we can all share the same room when working on our studies or projects.

Have you ever considered a computer room in your home as opposed to everyone being off in their own cubbyhole? Libraries do it all the time. It can also double as a project room. Everyone works on their interests, yet their energy still shares the same space. 

If alone, this is a good day to delve into the projects you'd most likely wish to study. Surf online or get out the DIY/Self Help books from the shelves. With the 11 in this mix, this is not a bad time for building/creating the Sacred Space spot you've wanted to enjoy. Business needs to stay out of this corner along with anything broken, negative, or bills. Look online to see if there aren't some examples you would enjoy.

It's a productive day - Enjoy!