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What's the Best Plan For My Life? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 9, 2013


How's the month going for you thus far? Remember, this is a preview of 2014 for you. If it's a bit stressful...what is the cause? What can you do to make it less stressful and therefore be prepared for what may come? No....what can YOU do for yourself? 

  • Pay more attention to your needs?
  • Take more time to relax and not work 24/7?
  • Go to work?
  • Say "No?" 
  • Stop trying to change that which can  not be changed?
  • Be more accepting?
  • Stop fighting?

The list goes on and on. Just a reminder that we have to be the participant and creator in our lives. 

Which leads me to today. 9 is the number of the humanitarian. So often we find those with Life Paths of 9 in the areas of counseling and therapy, doctors and nurses, and philanthropists and humanitarians. The giving of oneself. 7 tells me that we may also delve into the areas of psychiatry, psychology, philosophy, religions, and belief systems. 

So it will not be unusual that we're looking at where we're going and what is best for us today. We're already beginning so say, "What is best for me?" Where can I go from here to create the best life possible? And of course, the keyword is "I". 

So often, we look outside ourselves - "Well if So-n-So would just..." It has nothing to do with So-n-So. If we want change, we have to begin with us. And this is a good vibration to analyze our own path in life. What is best for me? It can be used with relationships, working environment, home environment, or as simple as the room you plan to hang out in during the winter. 

What would be the best plan for my life?