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Wild Card Day for Money. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 25, 2013


Sometimes when numbers are considered natural to each other, they still can be miles apart when looking for common denominators. Thus, the 7 and 5. What they can enjoy is a one on one conversation. 

Though the 5 loves to interact with others, the 7 would much prefer the one on one party. Thus, catching up with friends (just the two of you) is a good idea on this Friday.

These two might do well in business, except for the money issue - should we keep it? Should we spend it? Do we need it? It's a wild card for the 7 when it comes to finances, and 5 will spend money out the wazoo. So watch the bank account today. Spending to emotionally feel better may not be in anyone's best interest.

What we can say about the 7/5 combo is that change is in the air - should you want it. 7 says, "Do a little research before you take the final leap." Do your homework first. It doesn't have to be an all day venture or turn into a research project. But with the spontaneity of the 5, it's always nice to have one number urge us to slow down and see what we're getting into first.