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I AM! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 30, 2013

We end the month with a Master Vision. What is it? What's yours?

Not only is it time to envision it, it's time to talk about it. Tell others. Tell the trees. Walk outside and tell whomever/whatever will listen. Announce it to the walls. Tell your friend(s).

This is a day to begin watching your words. Words become reality. For example, do you know that when you're saying such things as

"I am sick and tired of ...", you are welcoming "sick and tired" into your life? "I'm never going to ...", you are welcoming failure to however you finished that phrase. "I can't seem to accomplish ...", you'll prove yourself correct. You won't accomplish it.
Today - learn to speak into existence those things and people you wish to have in your life. If you're not sure where and how to begin, Louise Hay, Tony Burroughs, Joel Osteen, Gregg Braden, or Wayne Dyer are good teachers to begin with. Their tapes are plentiful on YouTu…

For Your Best Good - 11. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 29, 2013


It's a different 2/1 vibration occurring on the planet today. It's not a sharing vibration, but an "all about me", vibration. It will be up to us to decide when to back down and give.

It's the last vibration of this type this month and before the push/want vibration of December descends upon us, we'll be asked one last time, "What do you want for your best good." (Note the keyword best).

Though the 2 (1+1=2) generally stirs up love and companionship, this is an 11 which is not reduced. All those attributes can be there today, but with the 1 Life Path Number and the added gifts provided by the 11, it's not going to a day of total togetherness. The minds are whirring and the plans are being made. Don't be surprised if we finally start in today. Choose wisely - choose for your best good.

For those in the US "celebrating" Black Friday - be careful out there. It's Just A Thing, made of plastic or wood. It does not love you, p…

Be Thankful. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 28, 2013.

I was asked recently if the vibrations change to a special vibration for holidays.

No, numbers don't know what we celebrate as ritual. Therefore, they just keep following in succession to that month's cycle.

Today is the last of November's vibrations that have us re-assessing everything. If it's been a little hurried for you, spend some time today creating a corner/space for Sacred Space. December is going to push us over the top.

In the meantime, 1/9 - wrapping up what isn't working and beginning what is. Personally, I like this vibration. For all those things we want "out the door", we have the 1 backing us up to get it done! Say goodbye to old habits, clothes, jobs, houses, relationships, you name it. But the 1 says, we need to take action NOW. "Just Thinking About It" is not the key phrase today.

For those in the US that will celebrate Thanksgiving with family/friends - the 1/9 isn't necessarily a fuzzy/warm vibration. 1 is very i…

2014 - What Vibration Does It Lend The Planet?

What amazes me first is that anyone born before 1970 thought the year 2000 was unreachable. It was a million light years away. Now? We're almost 14 years passed that. Children born in the year 2000 are out of primary school and starting or in their secondary education. They'll be graduating in a few short years!

Ok...that's out of my system. What about 2014? In the world of Numerology, what can we expect?

Everyone has their own personal numbered year and I won't be addressing it here. However, so does the planet. And next year, the Earth will experience a personal 2+0+1+4=7 personal year.

The first description of 7 is the Spiritual Seeker, but don't be blinded by the idea that Love, Light, and Peace will reign supreme and sprinkle down upon us from above. With the positive, one must also accept the challenging.

The 7 - Spirituality, Research, Analysis, Detective, Psychologist, Loner, Study, Seclusion, Mystery

The 7 is the loner of Numerology. It's doesn'…

Are You Going To Continue This In 2014? Your Numerology Vibrations for 2013


We are with that job.

November, 2013 (though not completed yet), still continues to have us reassessing, re-evaluating where we are in our relationships, jobs, finances, you name it. And holiday or no holiday, our minds continue to churn with "what is best for me?"

This has never been a time of self-sacrificing. We are truly analyzing the best path that we wish to be on in order to start 2014. Out with the old, in with the new. And if you think it's grinding on you now, December will see this in "doubles."

So when it comes to your employment, do you wish to carry your present job into 2014? Do you plan on continuing your unemployment into next year?

Begin thinking outside the box.
The 11, though not as strong of a vibration in this case, is asking you, "What is best for you?" 

Retired? It's a matter of looking at finances and how they can work best for you. What can be eliminated, consolidated, withdrawn and used for yo…

Easy Does It. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 26, 2013

Just when we've been busy analyzing our relationships (yesterday), now we're doing the same with our finances or how we create them (job).

As a repeat from a few days ago, pay attention to what your focus has been for November because December will really have those issues forefront in your thoughts and feelings. If it's something you can begin now and/or take care of, you won't have to deal with decisions that you may jump at instead of planning out.

Take advantage today of the researching/analyzing skills of the 7 when it comes to what 8 represents: career, business, decisions, finances, bank accounts, health, material possessions.

So, are you doing what you want to do? Or is it a means to an end? Does it have to be a means to an end because it's easier to stay? Job surfing online or through your newspaper is absolutely free and no one even has to know you're doing it.

Research into self-employment is also free to research online to see what others are…

Find The Best Route. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 25, 2013


Yesterday, we were wanting change within the relationships we encounter - today, we're analyzing what we need to do to achieve it.

The 7 is analyzing what we need to do. It could be a day whereby we're sitting online reading, researching, figuring out what others are doing, and finding the best route. The 7 is also the loner of Numerology, so don't expect one of those cuddly, fuzzy days - our brains are too busy.

With the holidays upon us, we tend to endure more stress than need be. And who do we take it out on? Each other. Relationships that aren't very solid tend to look worse than what they are. And instead of making it more simple, we many times expand our activities to escape the feelings, thereby adding to what already is.

What do you really need in order to make yourself comfortable? 6 is the number of nurturing and that includes yourself. If you're not sure, this is a good day for thinking and research. Go to the library or bookstore, or surf online …

Love or Not To Love? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 24, 2013

An extension of yesterday, this is the last vibration of this type for November, 2013.

And for those who can not wait, December, 2013, brings us double vibrations all month. The decisions and focus you make this month, will have you chomping at the bit during December.

With the 6/5 combo, we're once again looking predominately at relationships and how they affect us and our living situations. With most of us involved with family/friends, our focus will be there.

However, for those living alone, it could mean looking at creating a family or family-type structure. Whichever category you are in, change is in the air. What is it that you want, that you feel you do not have?

If the gavel in the photo stands out and this is not a road you wish to take, you'll be asked "what can you change about yourself?" Ohhhh....but we want the other one to change. No. Change never starts there because they may not or ever change. Can you live with it?

And if the rings stand out b…

Show of Abundance! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 23, 2013

We're still in the CHANGING month of November, 2013. We have several more days of looking at what we want before slipping into December.

So what is it about your security and stability that you want to change? Do you wish to bring more into your life and what can you do to begin or continue?

"Well, if I could just....."
No, no....what can you do right now? Some tiny little step that inspires you to go further?

Looking to start a savings account without feeling you have the funds to start?
Take all the coins in your purse or pockets, find a fantastic jar/vase in your home and throw it in there. Keep it on display and rejoice, even with a penny! Let the Universe know that you are ready to collect and save.

Find a penny on the street? Dr. Wayne Dyer recommended to pick it up and say enthusiastically, "Thank you for the this show of abundance!" and then be sure to place it in your jar when you get home and thank the Universe once again. (I also practice this …

Avoiding the Bugaboos - Your Numerology Vibrations for November 22, 2013

When the double 22 emerges, many hear the word Master Teacher and cringe. Why does teaching and/or lessons have to be viewed as negatives? It doesn't.

As it is teamed up with the Master Visionary, we are once again ask to envision what we want/need in life for our highest and best good. But we still have the 22 which is adding a bit of punch to the entire day.

With the two of them side by side, the 22 is wondering:

is it really what you want/need or are you sacrificing yourself for the sake of others? There is no great reward for sacrificing other than more sacrificinghave you abandoned a goal/dream because it became too difficult? Could you perhaps look at it another way in order to achieve it?you may be asked to review your feelings from the past over a certain type of relationship with the question, "Do you want to revisit it or have you learned from it and wish to move on now?" (Not unusual under an 22/11 vibration) Remember, if you choose to revisit an old r…

A Technological Holiday - Start Now!

Every year, vast numbers of people spend the holidays alone. There are numerous reasons why this occurs but no matter the reason, it can now become a thing of the past. With a little ingenuity, people can get together without ever leaving their homes in order to spend the holidays and dinner together.

If you're reading this article, you're online. Chances are, it's your computer and one that can be moved about the house to another room, if need be. 
And if you're online, you may have by now heard of a free service entitled "Skype." No matter where you are in the world, a Skype to Skype call is absolutely FREE for as long as you choose!  (Periodically, I stay on Skype for 4 hour calls to the UK - absolutely free). Turn your video camera on, don't turn it on, it's up to you, but for a holiday treat, this is not the time to be shy. You'll want to see what's going on.
"I can't get home for the holidays" or "I have no one to spen…

Off The Wall Vs Visualization. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 21, 2013


I've been warned about today by the astrologers. It's a Uranus/Pluto, full moon thing.

And in the world of Numerology, it can be a little off the wall as well - if you allow it.

3/5 - the two party vibrations of Numerology JUST really can't be bothered today with straight-laced, nose to the grindstone, discipline, seriousness.....It wants to go on vacation and play.

But then again, we have the 11 Master Number asking, "Whatever you want to accomplish in life, is it a reflection of your life's VISION?

Over your morning beverage, take a moment (because 3/5 isn't going to spend too much time on any type of project today) and decide what your vision IS for yourself. Perhaps you only wish to choose one aspect about it and that's fine as well. Got the one you want to see accomplished? Ok, now use that as your focus today. You have all day.

Focus on the end result of what you want. How does it make you feel? Send out your feelings to the Universe, allow it…

Pursue Love. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 20, 2013

In deviating away from the typical blog (I'll get to the vibrations in a moment), one of the major questions I've been asked lately is 
"I keep seeing the same number over and over. Does it mean anything?"

If you commute to work or school five days a week, and you pass State Road 7 on a daily basis, I'm not so sure that counts. You're going to pass it whether you notice it or not. I'm talking about those random notices while you're in a store and a sale sign catches your eye, on a street you generally don't travel, on a clock as you glance up to see the time, or on a magazine page you're looking through while awaiting an appointment. 
Yes, they can be a message. There are those of us who believe that numbers hold a stronger vibration than letters. (Numerology changes letters into numbers). And even our technology today relies on numbers more than letters. Therefore, when the other side tries to grab our attention, numbers stand out.
In t…

Do It! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 19, 2013


The beginning and ending. Another day to put that behind us that just isn't working. It's a simple, to the point, vibration.

However, the 1 says, "Let's take action." It's the proverbial 3 Frogs on a Fence. If you're still sitting on a fence, or just "thinking about" getting off the fence, you haven't performed any action yet. It's not happening.

The 9 says, "Stop Doing It" or "Stop Doing It The Way You Have Been Doing It" and 1 says "Let's Get On With The New."

Someone asked once, "what if I make the wrong choice?" No matter your choices in life, the Universe strives to provide the best for you, whether you get in the way or not. We have many, many paths on our journey through life. Some take longer than others, and some paths are bumpier than others. But we should never forfeit "living life" out of fear.

How's It Working For You? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 18, 2013


Today and the 27th of this month will be the last two vibrations whereby we look at our finances and careers and say,

"How's it working for me?"
If you're thinking, "It's working just fine", you may move on to health improvements, finishing up DIY projects around the home, or changing out possessions for something better.

If you're thinking, "It's the pits!", you may not apply for a new position today, but you'll be looking for something different (even if it's only in your mind). Don't be surprised if catchy ads and storefront postings of "Apply Within" stand out more.

This particular month for 2013 is allowing us options. It's allowing everyone on the planet to look at what we do and ask, "Do you want to do it some more?" You have a choice, you know. Very, very few of us have destined careers. The rest of us are given choices of what we would like to do. But unlike the practice of past gener…

Where's My Hammer? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 17, 2013


We're analyzing once again today. The topic?

What do we do for a job - inside or outside the home?

Generally, I address that which is outside the home and that will be the focus of many. If we're dissatisfied or wishing to move forward, there will be time spent in investigating new employment or starting one's own business.

For those working inside the home, we'll be reviewing the running of the household. If one has never assumed that responsibility, there are 1,000 things to be handled and not always enough hours in a day to accomplish it. Whether we are looking for better organization with possessions or with time management, this is the vibration that helps us discover "better ways."

The 8 also brings out attention to items that need to be fixed in the home. Sunday or not, many of us will be scurrying about with hammer, nails, screwdrivers and the like. If one lives in an 8 home, it will be even more apparent that repairs are calling us. A few hour…

Using the Delete Key. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 16, 2013


Exploring community. Analyzing. Re-evaluating. Diagnosing, Observing the behavior thereof. Using my blog for my own personal platform. But you then again, you can do the same with yours.

Though the 6 can be self-sacrificing, the 7 is not. The loner of Numerology doesn't mind the aloneness and in fact, welcomes it over the concept of being everybody's buddy. Compound that with 7s in one's Numerical Blueprint, and the delete key becomes really popular.

There's a lot of people that enjoy riding on the hard work of others which is more of a clinging aspect (6). As opposed to independence, starting their own blog, and spending the hours and months it takes to cultivate it (7), they place their agenda and advertising as responses to others' work. Wow!

Thus enters - the number 9 of the day. Wrapping up a cycle, a behavior, a person, place, or thing. The Delete Key.

We all have the ability to utilize it.

You WHAT?! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 15, 2013


"You WHAT?" Any time the 5 enters the picture, it's not a boring proposition. There is action to be taken.

The Numerology vibrations have us looking at family/community and dealing with the changes we wish to see within these structures. It doesn't necessarily have to be an "issue", but if there are some, we may be considering what we can do to make life more comfortable.

Perhaps we're wanting a change of who we live with, work with, or spend time with. If we received that "Mom? Guess What?" call yesterday, we may have to help sort it out today. It could also be an ongoing situation and when these vibrations come together, we revisit our concerns and know that eventually we're going to have to deal with it. No time like the present.

The 6/5 vibration can also bring about change in domestic practices and/or how we look at our living environment. It can be as complex as a home renovation or mundane as changing the curtains out in the …

"Hello? Mom?" Your Numerology Vibrations for November 14, 2013


The 5s are back. It's where we once again decide upon change - if we so choose. If we're wanting change, the next two days will have us chomping at the bit.

If that's the case for you, continue to focus on the END result of what you want. Realize that there are steps you have to take getting to your goal but leave that up to the Universe. It may be pleasant or it may not be so pleasant, depending on the goal. But you will attain what you desire in life.

When the 4 is in the mix, we're thinking of housing, our home, business, DIY projects, or work. Then there is something else I rarely address, so I'll do it this week. (This vibration will repeat this month again). The Student!

During a 5/4 combination, the student in you (or perhaps you have a child who's a student) could most likely change their mind about school.

I want to goI don't want to goI want to change my major or concentrated studyI want to change what I want to be "when I grow up."…

Work - Make it Fun! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 13, 2013

Responsibility or fun? Business or pleasure? We can actually have some of both, if we choose.

The 4 that keeps our nose to the grindstone and overseeing the responsibilities in life can give way to the 3 who would just as soon throw the lists up in the air...laughing. It's a good time to enjoy your customers a bit more while networking with others. If you are in retail, cultivate new clients with conversation and not "buy it, buy it, buy it" ads.

Ask your co-workers if you can assist them (if you have time). Take treats and snacks to work and celebrate..."Wednesday". If you're the supervisor, build up morale, even if you don't feel it yourself. Start off the morning/afternoon by giving some well-deserved compliments to the staff. It only takes a few seconds, but the rewards can be far more extensive than that. A steady dose of the over-critical 4 does nothing for improvement.

If you're at home, it's a "whistle while you work type&quo…

Back to Back 11s! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 12, 2013

Here We Go! Back to back with another Master Number of 11. Ready?

Envision - envision. The Master Visionary is giving us a wonderful opportunity to have two days in a row of working on a vision for ourselves. In fact, over the past several days, it's been about what you want and working towards it.

You've made your decision, you've asked the Universe, and now you get to tell the world. What better way than by Social Media? Millions of folks sharing in a particular way of communication. The 3 says communicate for your highest and best good (11). And word of mouth can work wonders.

There's nothing wrong with advertising for:

possessions you might need (have you tried in your area as well?)a job (make it interesting and attractive - the 3 is the artist)a new place to live (anyone know of something for rent or sale?)directions on a "how to" that will boost you ahead in your careera relationship in a safe advertising format (there are credible…

ENVISION! Your Thoughts Create. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 11, 2013


When I see all these 1s (particularly with a 4 in the midst), I realize that the day could go two ways. We will either accomplish a great deal, or in our frustration, we become confrontational. (1/4)

It wouldn't be unusual that in our quest to accomplish goals, "envisioning" the end result at the same time will add to our determination in achieving them. It's actually quite a good vibration for a Monday morning. We just have to watch our words when dealing with those who might demand more of our time than we want to give.

If the holiday/bank holiday has you at home and not at the office/store, this is also a great time to get out the paper/pen and outline a goal for yourself. How will you carry it out? What is the next step? And what can you accomplish right now, today? The 11 says, "ENVISION the highest and best good for you." And the 1 will push you forward, if you allow it.

Trust your gut feelings (11) and realize that we all have something to off…

The Step To Be Taken. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 10, 2013


We begin November's vibrations once again. If you didn't take advantage of this on the first, it's here to visit you again.

Beginnings - endings. Whatever you chose to let go of yesterday (or the beginning of the month), today's the day for action. I know it's a Sunday, but whatever goal you've decided upon, there is always something that can be accomplished today. It might be as simple as packing a few boxes, or going through a drawer or two. It's action.

Wondering if you're doing the right thing? Ask. The 9 is also the number of Old Wisdom - wisdom within oneself. Listen to what your heart is saying.

Our decisions may have been a lot more complex than cleaning out possessions, so it will be up to you what step you can take today. There's always a step to be taken.

What's your action step?

Get Busy! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 9, 2013

Let's dig in! We had time yesterday to research some changes in jobs, finances, business, health, possessions, and home repair. Today, we make the choices.

What's staying in the area of the topics above? What's leaving? Those will be your choices. Are you happy where you're at? Is it time to move forward? Because even though tomorrow is Sunday, it'll be action day. Again, today we make the choices.

The 11 attitude number will ask us to envision the best path for ourselves. Are you doing what you love? It's time and it'll be addressed several times this month so that we're all given the opportunity to be where we want to be. And the 8 does not procrastinate.

Looking at consolidating/closing a financial account or stock options? This is a good vibration to address those accounts.

Fixing up your surroundings (not decorating, but fixing the broken things in your home) can also be a worthwhile task today. Me? I'm going to get the rest of my windo…

Investing in Food? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 8, 2013


The combo of 8/7 always has me thinking of stock exchanges and detectives - both of which can be represented by these numbers.

If you're in the business world, what do you need to research or study? This is a good day. These aren't fuzzy/cuddly numbers so don't think you're missing out if others around you are squaring off to their own corners. We're trying to see what is best for our situation.

Looking for employment? This is also a good vibration for searching out what you want and looking outside the box. Perhaps you've thought of working at something new. Beings you're already online, why not start surfing the web for others who are doing the same thing. Read their situation and find out if it's right for you. It's free to look and ask.

For those who believe the 8 is all about financial investments, I believe it can be any type of investment. What do you want to invest in your future? There will be those today that are compelled to invest…

We're Doing The Best We Can - Your Numerology Vibrations for November 7, 2013

Yesterday, we looked hard at the relationships that surround us asking, "are they working for us?"

Today, we're still looking at our relationships, but we're analyzing exactly what the best route is to take. This can apply to such things as:

SeparationsDivorceMarriageShould I work for this person?ReconciliationsCounseling for a family member
Though the 6 is apt to sit back and sacrifice their needs, the 7 will not. The 7 is the detached psychologist asking the big questions.

How will it financially affect us?Will my career change?How should possessions be divided?How will possessions be merged?How will this affect my children?
The 6 is a cuddly number, but the 7 can many times have the Great Wall of China around it. It protects an incredibly sensitive heart. So, don't be surprised if relationships are a bit on the solitary side today - people pulling off to themselves for reflection and thought.

If you've made a decision yesterday regarding the people ar…

You Are Not Alone. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 6, 2013

We talked about change of surroundings and work yesterday - today, it's change of family, in family, or community that we feel is particularly close to us. 

If you're happy with the people around you and they're happy with you, don't look for what doesn't exist. But change in family dynamics can also be 

PregnancyMarriageGraduationFamily making a surprise visitHealth discoveries in family membersAnything to do with those that you're choosing to walk this life with that ultimately affects you as wellAnd though it's not a topic we enjoy, we do have to address those relationships that aren't working. November, 2013 will not be exactly the warmest month as we all address this issue. It will need to be looked at on a number of occasions, making this holiday season strained for some.
What we can say is that change is inevitable in this lifetime and though it is difficult to grasp at times, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes, we are asked to review the nurtur…

How's It Working For You? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 5, 2013

This month, we'll experience back to back days of change throughout the weeks. The first will talk about our home and work. The second will address our family and community. The third will say "Wrap it up and get on with it!"

It appears that November, 2013 (like November, 2004), we'll all be addressing where we live and who we hang out with. By Thanksgiving (November 28th in the US), we'll have had a goodly dose of it. So, here we go.

One of the aspects the 4 represents is HOME. That place you want to return to each night with the keywords being "want to". It's that place of security and stability. If you are cringing at that description, the 5 will not help you see it differently.

5 represents freedom, setting a situation loose. Yes, it's a very compassionate number, but it's not a doormat, a victim, or a martyr. 

This is a good vibration 

To question if this is the city, state, county, country we wish to live inTo put a house up for saleT…

Whistle While You Work - Your Numerology Vibrations for November 4, 2013


We need to get this list of work done.
[singing] I don't want to work; I just want to bang on my drum all day...(Rundgren, 1983)

Here's a topic that would be good to study!
Get out the Monopoly Board!

Do you have the plans for the trip?
Yes! Let's just turn LEFT and see where we end up!

The number of organization and planning (4) meets "Wheeeeee!" (3) when it comes to the business world. But where the 4 can really create a business with the figures and ideas, the 3 brings color, style and networking skills to the table. If you're in a business (or starting a business), try not to get side-tracked, but it would be a good day to get out the organizer (4) and fill in times for each function - working on the business (4) and advertising/networking (3). They'll both want their part.

Around the home, have some fun with artistic endeavors. Perhaps you're in the midst of some DIY projects - lighten up! Rome wasn't built in a day. Bring some coffee, tea, sn…

There's My Bookstore! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 3, 2013

Communication is in the air and not just any type. With the Master Number of 11, we'll be envisioning for our highest and best good. Our words should reflect the same. 

I'm tiredI never get [_____]I can't [_____]I'll never see [_____]
So often we say things without even thinking. We don't realize that our words create our present and future. Today, we're asked to look at our words and change them around. 

I have more energyI have [_____]I am [_____]
Research positions, careers, relationships, and/or items as if they are already in your possession.

There are those corporate individuals that actually play a game each morning. Over the morning office coffee, they go around room and each one speaks aloud one phrase as if it has already occurred. 

I'm thrilled that I landed the Anderson account!My new BMW has just arrived at the showroom!I just returned from my honeymoon with the best partner that I could have imagined!
Today, what's your highest and best go…

Put A Little Love...Your Numerology Vibrations for November 2, 2013

November, 2013, will offer us combinations of 7 challenging days and two compatible days. It doesn’t mean that our days will be spent in a negative mode, as long as we look for the underlying feature(s) that they share.
2/1 continues to bring us an energy that says, “Move forward” but now we’re required to trust our gut feelings in the matters. Are you moving in a particular direction because someone else is telling you that’s what you should do? Or are you leaning in those directions because it’s what makes your heart sing? Trust your gut feelings.
2/1 also implies the possibility of meeting someone new for a relationship! You’ll need to take part of the responsibility for getting out among others in order to meet this individual. If this something you would like, think with your heart today In order to bring them towards you in the future.
Need to make a major decision in your life? Once again, the 2 is the Intuitive of the 9 numbers. Like the High Priestess of Tarot (also a 2)…