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2014 - What Vibration Does It Lend The Planet?


What amazes me first is that anyone born before 1970 thought the year 2000 was unreachable. It was a million light years away. Now? We're almost 14 years passed that. Children born in the year 2000 are out of primary school and starting or in their secondary education. They'll be graduating in a few short years!

Ok...that's out of my system. What about 2014? In the world of Numerology, what can we expect?

Everyone has their own personal numbered year and I won't be addressing it here. However, so does the planet. And next year, the Earth will experience a personal 2+0+1+4=7 personal year.

The first description of 7 is the Spiritual Seeker, but don't be blinded by the idea that Love, Light, and Peace will reign supreme and sprinkle down upon us from above. With the positive, one must also accept the challenging.

The 7 - Spirituality, Research, Analysis, Detective, Psychologist, Loner, Study, Seclusion, Mystery

The 7 is the loner of Numerology. It's doesn't like noise and we live on a very noisy planet. It strives for peace and quiet. And let's face it, it's not going to provide that for each person on Earth.

Situations in peoples' lives may help them strive for religion, spirituality, and/or new philosophical viewpoints. And they're not all going to be the same so don't expect Eutopia descending upon the Earth. People being people, we'll argue faith and religion until the end.

Where 2013 was about family, friends, and community, 2014 will see the planet pull from the noisy people and communities. We don't want to hear crap any longer. (You read it correctly).

With the detective and psychologist in the forefront, many things that are hidden will be exposed globally and personally (particularly if you have a 7 personal year of your own).

1 and 7 Life Paths will be enjoying this time because it's right up their alley - independence and working on one's own.

It's not a fuzzy, warm vibration. It can be good vibration, but we may discover that on a global level, the focus of 2013 begins to pull apart. We're looking for the truth.