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Are You Going To Continue This In 2014? Your Numerology Vibrations for 2013


We are with that job.

November, 2013 (though not completed yet), still continues to have us reassessing, re-evaluating where we are in our relationships, jobs, finances, you name it. And holiday or no holiday, our minds continue to churn with "what is best for me?"

This has never been a time of self-sacrificing. We are truly analyzing the best path that we wish to be on in order to start 2014. Out with the old, in with the new. And if you think it's grinding on you now, December will see this in "doubles."

So when it comes to your employment, do you wish to carry your present job into 2014? Do you plan on continuing your unemployment into next year?

Begin thinking outside the box. 

The 11, though not as strong of a vibration in this case, is asking you, "What is best for you?" 

Retired? It's a matter of looking at finances and how they can work best for you. What can be eliminated, consolidated, withdrawn and used for your best interest?

We're wrapping November up in more ways than one. By Sunday, it will be full steam ahead on ACTION.