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Avoiding the Bugaboos - Your Numerology Vibrations for November 22, 2013


When the double 22 emerges, many hear the word Master Teacher and cringe. Why does teaching and/or lessons have to be viewed as negatives? It doesn't.

As it is teamed up with the Master Visionary, we are once again ask to envision what we want/need in life for our highest and best good. But we still have the 22 which is adding a bit of punch to the entire day.

With the two of them side by side, the 22 is wondering:

  • is it really what you want/need or are you sacrificing yourself for the sake of others? There is no great reward for sacrificing other than more sacrificing
  • have you abandoned a goal/dream because it became too difficult? Could you perhaps look at it another way in order to achieve it?
  • you may be asked to review your feelings from the past over a certain type of relationship with the question, "Do you want to revisit it or have you learned from it and wish to move on now?" (Not unusual under an 22/11 vibration) Remember, if you choose to revisit an old relationship, all the things that drove you from it return as well. You have to accept all the baggage once again as no one mutates.
  • have a new dream/goal? The 22 may ask you to do a little action work on it. It may take you down to the County Courthouse to do some research (if you're thinking of a retail business), to the library or online (if you're thinking about going to school), or many other places to do some research ahead of time. Through our research, we most often find we don't have to give up our plans, but we may have to take another avenue or tweak our plans a little. The Teacher may show us where the bugaboos are so that we avoid them.
This is a day of relationships whether they are family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or community. How do others fit into your future plans? Or will you give up your goals for them? Remember, sacrificing holds no great reward in the long run. You may have to alter them a bit in order to achieve them, but what do you REALLY want in this lifetime (11)?