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Back to Back 11s! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 12, 2013


Here We Go! Back to back with another Master Number of 11. Ready?

Envision - envision. The Master Visionary is giving us a wonderful opportunity to have two days in a row of working on a vision for ourselves. In fact, over the past several days, it's been about what you want and working towards it.

You've made your decision, you've asked the Universe, and now you get to tell the world. What better way than by Social Media? Millions of folks sharing in a particular way of communication. The 3 says communicate for your highest and best good (11). And word of mouth can work wonders.

There's nothing wrong with advertising for:

  • possessions you might need (have you tried in your area as well?)
  • a job (make it interesting and attractive - the 3 is the artist)
  • a new place to live (anyone know of something for rent or sale?)
  • directions on a "how to" that will boost you ahead in your career
  • a relationship in a safe advertising format (there are credible dating services out there or just let your friends know you are looking - that's generally safe)
The lists are endless. However! Be sensible. DON'T be advertising for friendship and "come on over - this is my address" (5) on a public forum. 

Need help remembering your requests or reminding yourself of your request? Make sticky notes and place them on the walls in your rooms, on the frig, on the bathroom mirror, on the dash in your car, etc. It's a great way to keep that focus!