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Be Thankful. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 28, 2013.


I was asked recently if the vibrations change to a special vibration for holidays.

No, numbers don't know what we celebrate as ritual. Therefore, they just keep following in succession to that month's cycle.

Today is the last of November's vibrations that have us re-assessing everything. If it's been a little hurried for you, spend some time today creating a corner/space for Sacred Space. December is going to push us over the top.

In the meantime, 1/9 - wrapping up what isn't working and beginning what is. Personally, I like this vibration. For all those things we want "out the door", we have the 1 backing us up to get it done! Say goodbye to old habits, clothes, jobs, houses, relationships, you name it. But the 1 says, we need to take action NOW. "Just Thinking About It" is not the key phrase today.

For those in the US that will celebrate Thanksgiving with family/friends - the 1/9 isn't necessarily a fuzzy/warm vibration. 1 is very independent and usually wants to spend the day in front of the TV watching football with a beer (and that plate of food). Conversation is at a minimum with this number. And then....there's the 9. It wants to hang out in the dining room with family and talk about "issues". Perhaps we can heal them or bring us all closer together before Christmas? It will depend upon the Life Paths of those participating. If they relate more to the 1, you may find that they excuse themselves, grab another plate, and gravitate to the ball game.

Enjoy your day, no matter where you live or what you celebrate. Leave expectations at the door and accept what is about each other. Accomplish one small goal that you have had. And take a tip from the 9 - be Thankful.