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Do It! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 19, 2013


The beginning and ending. Another day to put that behind us that just isn't working. It's a simple, to the point, vibration.

However, the 1 says, "Let's take action." It's the proverbial 3 Frogs on a Fence. If you're still sitting on a fence, or just "thinking about" getting off the fence, you haven't performed any action yet. It's not happening.

The 9 says, "Stop Doing It" or "Stop Doing It The Way You Have Been Doing It" and 1 says "Let's Get On With The New."

Someone asked once, "what if I make the wrong choice?" No matter your choices in life, the Universe strives to provide the best for you, whether you get in the way or not. We have many, many paths on our journey through life. Some take longer than others, and some paths are bumpier than others. But we should never forfeit "living life" out of fear.