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ENVISION! Your Thoughts Create. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 11, 2013


When I see all these 1s (particularly with a 4 in the midst), I realize that the day could go two ways. We will either accomplish a great deal, or in our frustration, we become confrontational. (1/4)

It wouldn't be unusual that in our quest to accomplish goals, "envisioning" the end result at the same time will add to our determination in achieving them. It's actually quite a good vibration for a Monday morning. We just have to watch our words when dealing with those who might demand more of our time than we want to give.

If the holiday/bank holiday has you at home and not at the office/store, this is also a great time to get out the paper/pen and outline a goal for yourself. How will you carry it out? What is the next step? And what can you accomplish right now, today? The 11 says, "ENVISION the highest and best good for you." And the 1 will push you forward, if you allow it.

Trust your gut feelings (11) and realize that we all have something to offer this world and each other. Yes, you do!

If you feel you have no goals in life, CREATE ONE! (1) That's right. Create one under this exceptional vibration. It can be simple; it can be complex. Your choice. It can be as simple as cleaning out a kitchen drawer by the end of the day. It can be as complex as being determined to find a new relationship or starting a new job in a foreign country.

Choose a goal. Make it happen!